Rebecca Owen

Rebecca Owen

Default Apps 2023

I've been enjoying the recent trend of default apps lists, inspired by a recent podcast episode from Hemispheric Views. Here's my contribution, with a few additional categories thrown in.

Sunday Shortcuts Archive

Last year, I experimented with writing a newsletter sharing a weekly shortcut. It never really took off, but I hope they might be of use to someone. The full archive can be found

Automating My Daily Log Setup in Roam Using iOS Shortcuts

At the start of each day, I like to see a quick overview of my calendar, tasks and the local weather. I find this valuable both on the day, to make sure I’m scheduling my time wisely, and in retrospect, when I look back and wonder why I did (or didn’t) get much done last week.

Custom CSS Styling on iOS Using Shortcuts

Some websites could do with an extra lick of paint. Using a desktop browser, extensions like Stylus are available to apply custom CSS to webpages. I’ve been using this tool with Roam,