Rebecca Owen

  • Sunday Shortcuts Archive

    Last year, I experimented with writing a newsletter sharing a weekly shortcut. It never really took off, but I hope they might be of use to someone. The full archive can be found here, and I’ll link a few of my favourites below: Plan Movie Night Air Quality Check Apple Music Collage Interstitial Journalling

  • Using Discord as a Communication Hub for Friends and Family

    Creating your own Discord server is fast, free, and not just for gamers. For the last couple of months, my husband and I have been using a Discord server alongside iMessage as our main method of digital communication. Some percentage of our communication is immediate and practical – “Do we need more milk?” – but […]

  • Automating My Daily Log Setup in Roam Using iOS Shortcuts

    At the start of each day, I like to see a quick overview of my calendar, tasks and the local weather. I find this valuable both on the day, to make sure I’m scheduling my time wisely, and in retrospect, when I look back and wonder why I did (or didn’t) get much done last […]

  • Custom CSS Styling on iOS Using Shortcuts

    Some websites could do with an extra lick of paint. Using a desktop browser, extensions like Stylus are available to apply custom CSS to webpages. I’ve been using this tool with Roam, experimenting with many of the great themes the community have been sharing (in particular, the beautiful light theme shown in this post from […]