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Winter Break

I’m taking time off work over Christmas and the New Year to spend time with family and catching up on my enormous to read list. I’m experimenting with tracking this on my page.

Indie Developer

I launched my first app, Chronicling, in July. I’m currently working on some features for the 1.3 release, and exploring adding support for visionOS.

Indie Web

I’m enjoying the resurgence of personal websites and cool services like I fondly remember the days of StumbleUpon and I’m enjoying dipping my toes in the water of all these exciting services. A mention in this excellent article by Robb Knight is likely the closest I will ever get to the HackerNews front page! (N.B. I am by no means a web developer, this is all new and fun for me).


I’m a recent convert to adult Lego and got the fantastic World Map set for Christmas. As a former geologist with a PhD in marine geophysics, I love all the bathymetric details (even if stylised).

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Last Updated: 31st December 2023